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Fitting Sidepipes on my 81 - a question


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Oct 24, 2000
81 4 speed
Now I am ready to hang the sidepipes, I wondered what was the best way to attach them to the side of the car. Is it ok to hang them from the holes that the rocker panels are attached to. Is this stong enough or do I need to mount them to the chassis. They are a lot heavier than I thought they would be.

There should he some holes already in your frame that match up with the side pipes.

When i did it on mine i had to make the hole bigger towards the front because the holes on the side pipe were forward by an inch.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee its fun to make new holes in your frame.


Here's what I did with mine so I didn't have to worry about the rocker panels. I took the sidepipe mounting tabs and bent them so that they would mount on the botton side of the frame. The rear tab lines up just right with a hole in the frame, the front one you could either drill a hole or use a self taping bolt to mount. This way for me made things easier, no messing with the rocker panels.

Also check out this site Spiral Turbo Baffles

I bought a set of these after talking to a bunch of people who said they are way better. So far here's what I found, the hooker mufflers are junk and last about a year. Mine were stuck in the sidepipe so bad it took almost a week of pounding, pulling, and swearing to get them out. The baffles came with stainless mounting bolts and slid right in, one was just a bit snug but they both went in without any effort. Easy to mount once the 2 holes are drilled. And people I have talked to said they felt a noticable increase in performance.

I used to drive mine with no baffles, MAN it was loud and it gave me alot more horse. As soon as i installed the hooker baffles i noticed a decrease in performance right away.

What a bummer, im gonna try those jcl baffles to sometime.

The only reason why i got baffles in the first place is cause i got pulled over by a rookie cop and got charged. And driving for eight hours is hard on the ears.
I have left the baffles in place for now, I drove the car for a whole summer with just open pipes and no mufflers, sounded good but just to loud. I never had any problem with the police but my neighbours were seriously p****d off.

Thanks for the tips I will have a look at the weekend.


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