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Florida Bug Splatter on Nose



Florida Bug Splatter on the Nose
We just purchased a Black 1997 C5. The previous owner didn't get the Florida bug splatter off the nose and the acid from the critters has etched the surface of the front nose, license plate opening cover and some of the hood. I have tried lite compound and Mother's Carnuba. The bugs left "pits" in the surface and so even with plenty of elbow grease, the damage remains visible. I have opted for a Wolf one-piece front mask (bra) for the time being as a low-cost alternative until I consult with some experienced body-men. Any suggestions??
Florida Love (Hate) Bugs


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Your Florida Corvette may have been driven through one of the "Love Bug" areas in this State. They are seasonal and appear during the month of May and again during the month of September. If you do not remove them within a day or two they create a chemical reaction which attacks the paint on the car causing permenant damage. They can be removed when you encounter them by simply soaking the splattered car with water for a while and then remove them with a nylon bug scrubber. A good coat of wax before you have to drive in these areas will help. I've heard of people using a cooking spray lubricant (Pam) on the front of their cars before driving through them. These bugs originated somewhere in south america and are exotic to the state of Florida. They were introduced by an accidental release at one of our fine State Universities (Thank you very much).

Unfortunately, you will need to have your car sanded down, primed and repainted.
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GreyGhost said:
I've heard of people using a cooking spray lubricant (Pam)...

That reminds me Al, I saw something recently, but can't remember where, about body shops using a (spray on?) type of film to prevent overspray when they paint a vehicle. The article said that it works great for those open-road drives, and can be removed easily afterwards. I mean to ask my body & paint man when I see him next. :cool

Oh, and BTW, they do use the cooking spray on the fronts (grilles) of the NASCAR racers. ;)
I feel your pain. Al's exactly right about the lovebug season.
The Wolf mask sounds like a pretty good idea for the time being. At least your car is black.......little easier to match the paint.

Every time I take my car out, I usually end up with a few bugs on the front bumper. I find that after every drive, if you just softly rub the bumber with a cloth and warm water, the bugs come off easily:)


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