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Hi ,I'm looking for a 68---72 Vette Conv.with a 4 speed , Has anyone had any experience with the "Corvette Collection" in Pompano Beach Florida ? They seemtohave 100 plus cars at alltimes and their located about 10 miles from Ft. lauderdale. Its always difficult to get a handle on a dealer way of doing business.

thanks in advance
I know who you are talking about. I don't know the quality of the cars. I do know you will have a difficult time getting a firm cash price by calling them long distance. Most prices they post and advertise are based upon so much down and so much per month. I am not even sure they know what the actual take price is.

I have found this problem with most of the Corvette dealers in this area. Of course, I assume you will either bring cash, or have finances arranged ahead of time. Otherwise, you may get zapped before it is all said and done.
I agree with 69,

I hav seen these guys add's in the corvette trader, and at one time they had a 71 I was interested in but they spent almost 30 min's trying to find someone who knew what the sell price was. They all to quickly assumed financing through themselves.

I finally said screw it, since nobody could or would tell me a firm price other than "with $x.00 down you can drive it home for $z.00 per month, is that not a sweet deal or what?" I hate places like that, and just walk away.

Your best bet is not one of those super lots, they over price and usually rip you. Stick with individual sales if ossible, you will be much happier.

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