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Oct 12, 2000
Amarillo, TX
1981 UL5
Jason and I recently went and ran the foothills east of Modesto. I must say there is not bigger thrill than seeing A Grand Sport in your rear view mirror :D

Jason is a pretty good driver too. I took him through some pretty nice roads (all new territory for him) and he handled that Grand Sport like a seasoned pro. I've run those same roads with other C4 and had to slow down to make sure they didn't loose it around some of the cornering.

Here is twiget (Jason) and Eye Candy
BudD :w
It was definatly a fun drive! Your going to have to come up here sometime Bud, so I can show you some of my favorate Oregon roads! Then you will understand why I had no trouble with our cruise.


I picked up the Corvette and Chevy Trader last night and couldn't believe how many GSs were for sale. Must have been 7 or 8 coupes and 1 convertible. I think I would look :cool in one and since youse guys missed my birthday (as far as the gift goes) well...... hint.

Re: GS

59Tom said:

Let's see now, where's that "deaf ears" smilie? :gap

I must say there is not bigger thrill than seeing A Grand Sport in your rear view mirror

Hey, I don't even mind gettin' passed by one! :L


Sorry dude, but one GS is all I can afford at the moment. And no offense, but if I could afford a second one it would probably stay in my garage. But you would be more than welcome to stop by and take her for a spin!


You may just get your wish this July. Have you decided if your going to make it to Auburn this year? Promises to be a fun show!


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