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Forever Tune - "84 Modified Crossfire


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Sep 9, 2009
Dundee, IL
1984 Red Coupe
Hi, folks. Working my forever tune crossfire project... Here's my current set-up... 383 Stroker, Comp Ratio ~10.5:1, Speed Pro Cam - Valve Lift .454 Intake & Exhaust @ .05 - Lobe Sep 110° - Duration 218° I&E, Aluminum Heads 64CC - 245 @. 450 Lift, 80# Parallel Plumbed Injectors, TB's bored out to 2 inches, High Pressure Fuel pump set at 24#'s, Vac referenced fuel pressure regulator , Renegade manifold, long tube headers (headman), EBL ECM, 700R4 with shift kit and stall, NB & WB O2 sensors.

Being not much more than a weekend mechanic it's been a struggle getting the tables down to where things feel right. Although, finally I believe I have a half decent running car. Contributing to my struggle were a set of bad injectors and wrong plugs that kept me chasing the wrong issues.

I've been posting things out on Thirdgen where some really knowledgeable EBL TBI tuners reside. Trouble is based on lack of response I believe I have worn out my welcome there with my didn't-we-make-that-clear-already questions.
Not to mention it ain't a Camaro I'm tuning.Oh, well.

So, lets try some peoples patience here...
:eyerole ...and perhaps maybe inject a life into this forum (or maybe not) :D.

Here's where I'm at - car feels pretty strong but I'm running too rich (10-11's) in some of the high load areas (90-95 kpa's). I'm hesitant to lean it out because I've been getting some knocks. Played with dropping SA table but it felt like I losing power (could be wrong about loss of power thing). Anyway the first thing I want to throw out here is the knock results - this was what I got.

Are any knocks bad or is it OK to live with some knocking as in below?

I'm now dropping SA's and it doesn't seem to be losing power. Going to continue to play with this. Still getting some knocks. Engine set at 8* BTDC and below is my latest SA table. To me (certified amateur) SA's look low but this may be the answer. They look low to anyone else???? Knocks at these setting shown also below.SACrzy.GIFSAcrzygr.GIFCrzyKnk.GIF
It is dead here... well, anyway - could be plugs are too hot. Chasing that will post results. Right now I'm running NGK R5724-8's racing plugs. My compression may be too high to handle these... we'll see.


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