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Found a nice 'rare' '91...


Henri 79

Hello all,

Some of you may remember me: I'm looking for a '91 or up C4.
Have just sold my 'frame on' restored '79.

The goal was to find a 6-speed with at least FX3. But now I've run into a low miles (37000 miles) automatic beauty. Yep, automatic...
What makes this praticual Vette a beauty is because of several reasons:
- it is an 'original' Dutch Corvette, meaning sold new in the Netherlands (thats were I live :Silly ) at a dealership I know very well.
- The current owner has bought it there second hand.
- The maintenance history is available.
- The right colors (red/beige).
- Low miles.

Sooo. Now I'm in doubt, pass this car to hunt for that 6-speed, or go for this, in the Netherlands quite unique, Vette...? (average sold here was 5 new Vettes a year for the C4 range... The C5 sells better though).
I know the dealership, I know the dealerships that maintained this Vette, according to 'the books' it had it's maintenance at the right times... Well taken care of, yadda yadda...

I need opinions here... Thanks!

Henri Kroeze
the Netherlands
Hello Henri,

It all comes down to this. What do you want? Can you live with an auto? When you wake up the next day will you regret not getting a manual? It sounds like a command decision. Good luck.
auto verses stick

hi henri,donot underestimate the automatic when your throwing the vette into some corners or other spirited driving.on of the most successful autocrossers in the u.s.a. is running an automatic.the six speed is nice,but there are times when you just want to drop it in drive and let it take you home.buy it you'll like it..
I agree I have a 4+3 Standard in mine and at time its fun to play with but when your cruisin you got like so many things going on like

Cigarette (Dont hit me!)
Push buttons
the "wave"
Your girl (Hint hint)

Just to name a few Auto's are lot funner for cruising (IMO) but on the Drag strip and for fun runs I like the stick but by the sounds of the car hands down buy it.
Thanks guys.
I just called both the dealerships and asked for the maintenance history. Other than oil, filters, plugs, new alternator nothing major went wrong with this car.

Tomorrow I'm going to see te car. Will keep you guys updated.


Bought it

Sooo, that is an impressive Vette!!!
Extremely original, not a wrong nut or bolt to be found!!!

I testdrove it and it is absolutely flawless.
We agreed on the price and within two weeks I'm going to 'bring her home'...
What a dream car!

If interested in some rare Export RPO's, have a look at this page

And please tell me what you think of it!

the Netherlands
Rare '91

I just bought a "rare '85" also had 37K on the clock. The only time I was sorry was when the stock that I had the margin loan on went to hell in a hand basket. :( But I have never been sorry about the '85 with 37K on it. It is like driving a new car. In fact I sort of hated to drive it at first. Realizing I was screwing up a perfect car. (Like you do when you buy a new one) after I got over that I really enjoy driving something that has EVERYTHING working. Also all of the controls have lettering that can be read, etc. :)
I have long since gotten over the stick shift verses auto thing. I, like anyone who enjoys performance, know that the stick shift reigns in that department. However, like one reply said, "there are times, etc."
Since I use this car for a daily driver in commute traffic a stick shift is not an option, even with a hydraulic clutch.

Buy it, you'll love it!.............
Henri - When I was looking for my Ruby, I wanted a 6-speed. Looked what seemed for ever (my 75 sold in less than a week). I finally settled for a low mileage auto. I have NO regrets. The auto has performed well and having moved to Florida where the traffic is horendous, I am now glad to have an auto.
Thanks guys,
I've asked this auto/manual transmission question on several sources and only a handful of people really would go for the 6-speed. Most people would go for this particular Vette because of the excellent shape it is in.

Two nights to go!!!

the Netherlands
Found a nice rare '91..

I think they only way I would tolerate a stick is if I finally went to a ZR1. Then you don't have a choice. :)
The commute traffic plays havoc with both my foot and the clutch. Before I started driving Vettes I was driving a Fiero with a 4 speed. What a pain this commuting was! Also I was replacing the clutch about every 12 to 18 months. Yes it was a hydraulic clutch. But a hydraulic clutch needs to be depressed too. In fact I am planning the installation of a Turbo 350 auto tranny in my '55 Chevy. It now has an original 3 speed overdrive in it. It also has a very tough clutch to depress due to the type of clutch I installed.
There are times when I would like to be driving a stick, i.e., going through the "twistys" , etc. But since my Vette is a daily driver it has to be an auto or it ain't a daily driver. :)

Thought you might like to know........
Oh I don't mind driving a 'stick' in daily traffic. In fact that's what I do on a daily basis. I have a 'hot' small car with a six speed (Fiat Punto Sporting) and I have tons of fun playing with that six speed, where 3 & 4 are perfect to use between 60 and 120 kmh.

The 'new' '91 is definitely a 'weekender'.

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