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frame interchangability



I need a quick answer on this one, does anyone know what frames are interchangable, I have a 68 4 speed BB and need a frame, found 71 RAG TOP FRAME AND A 73 COUPE FRAME, does anyone know for sure if they are compatable, and if not what the differences are.

Any input appreciated.


Vette Products of Michigan lists different part numbers for those years. A thread a couple weeks ago said nothing will interchange with that 68 frame, it was a one year only frame. The 71 frame and the 73 frame would interchange providing they are both auto or manual transmission (auto trans frame is different than manual trans frame) :)
There are several differences. I know you can make it work, but you will have to upgrade to a 69-up core support, and or make significant changes to the frame.

What I would suggest is pulling the 68 frame and the replacment frame, then setting them side by side. With a good tape measure, saw, cut off wheel, and welder you can interchange what you need so that the 71 frame will go under the 68 as a perfect fit with less rust.

thanks for the info, I have a chance to buy a couple of frames, mine is done, I assume the rails are the same, just brackets and mounts that differ, i heard the front end ounting need to be modified to accept the 68 front clip etc.

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