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Frame Off 77 C3 shark



I want to start my frame off in March who has the the scoop on doin this??
I would like a step by step..
I have a great work space, an assembly book from mid america and all the tools that I will need but since I have never done this I would like some input, i.e where to start what bolts to drop first, should I pull the engine then the bod? I have a note book camera, tape and marker , to recored everything as it comes off, I just need a start point. thanks for the help.
It is a rather lengthy process to put in writing.

You can search the forum here and you will find some basic answers on plenty of old threads.

The main key it so pull the steering column loose, cables, wires, hoses, the main body bolts, and start lifting with a spotter to help keep a look out for any missed items. You do not have to pull the engine first, or the gas tank. You will just have to lift it higher.

Good luck.
Thanks my brother that is all that I needed, I will get a digi cam and start the job & keep you cats posted as it proceeds.

:drink Guinness
keith72 said:
Check out the link below. It kind of shows the progress we have made on a frame off rebuild of our 72. Might shed some light but probably won't help with technically how to do it.

http://kksjjohnson.home.mindspring.com/Vette Rebuild.htm

Keith, thanks for the pics!!!!!!!!! Looks like you have a pretty clean frame and body to work with. That helps a ton because you won't be having to re-invent the wheel just to get the frame off painted pretty and put back together.

Looks awesome. Hey, since you are changine the motor anyway, why don't you keep your eyes peeled for a great deal on a big block????

Keep us posted. My goal is now for around July/Aug 2002 so that it will be road worthy by Sharkfest.
GREAT pictures my american friend this will hep me a lot,
how are you supporting your body ? just useing the jack stands? or have you built some type of craddle?
For now I just have the body sitting on blocks and covered in the garage. We figure to rebuild the chassis/drivetrain and then store it while we work on the body. I plan to build a dolly to make repairing the body easier, probably in about 6-8 months.

Too scared and too broke to go BB. My son and I are rebuilding this one for him to drive @16. It will take a lot of maturity and discipline (hmm.....were we those at 16?) for him to get it as it is. More power is a little too scary. We're planning on a basically stock crate motor with maybe upgraded carb, intake, and headers just to make it sound cool. thanks.
keith72 said:

My son and I are rebuilding this one for him to drive @16. It will take a lot of maturity and discipline (hmm.....were we those at 16?) for him to get it as it is.

Thats cool. When I was 16 my Dad found a way to put the keys to a shiny red 1974 Stingray in my hands. Oh baby that was a blast. Four speed, 350, and T-tops. Those were the days!

Your son is really going to enjoy it. My Dad made a deal with me to keep my grades on track and stay out of trouble. It was a small price to pay to have that sweet ride back in high school.
Don't forget the emergency brake cable........I always do:( . I would take the engine off after the body, this makes it a lot easier to get to. Also, when I do them I have everything mounted on the engine (except the AC) including, all fuel lines, exhaust, etc. Just take your time and have fun. This is what I like doing the most. I work on Corvettes all the time but, I really like doing body off's..........Steve
Question for Chris...

Where is the '74 now? Did it survive? :L

Barb :w
Re: Question for Chris...

BBB454 said:
Where is the '74 now? Did it survive? :L

Barb :w

I wish I knew. We traded it and my first car (69 Camaro) on a newer corvette when I started college.

I have the VIN and have posted it a few time in different places, but nothing has ever come up. So, it at least survived me, don't know about the second owner!

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