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Free drawings for 84-89 Fascia's

Rodney Gold

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Jul 28, 2003
South Africa
1986 White l98 coupe, 1995 LT1 coupe
I have posted Coreldraw Drawings for the instrument panel and centre console for an 86
C4 Coupe with Auto shifter. These can be taken to any shop that does laser cutting (engraving type laser - not the high powered steel cutting ones) and they can cut these for you in a multitude of materials , I used Formica (countertop cladding) as it is a VERY tough material and is cheap and is available in about a zillion finishes and colours , I used woodgrain mahogany.
There are also a lot of engraving laminates that could be used and the drawings are also sutiable for Vinyl cutting (carbon fibre vinyl etc)
These drawings are free to use and you are more than welcome to disseminate em. Some of the holes may need a smidgion of tweeking if you are toally anal about em lining up to the nth degree.
They are in Coreldraw 9 format which is a fairly early version so most any engraving shop can use em , they can be exported out of Corel to many other formats like DXF, DWG, AI, HPGL etc and can be used on many other machines.
The text and graphics are engraved and in my case , I filled them with white paint.
I am going to do some sill covers and door inserts and speaker covers and some other odds and ends which I will post at a later stage.
Look at www.formica.com for various laminate finishes and colours
either www.romark.com or http://www.inoplas.com/products.asp for more options , Sibu design also make some amazing laminates , not sure if they are available in USA but their website is http://www.sibu.at/sibu_en.htm
The file is Corvette fascias.cdr and is in zip format (as the site doesnt allow cdr extensions)
I have got so much info from the site - its my turn to give back something.


  • corvette fascias.zip
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