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Free Snap-on wrench!

Feb 13, 2003
San Jose, CA
1972 LT-1/Air coupe w/all options
I jacked up the car this afternoon to check on an exhaust leak (didn't find it) and to do some general poking around.

I looked up under the exhaust manifold and saw something up there that was cleaner than everything else. I reached up and pulled out a nice 9/16 Snap-On wrench. I only own Craftsman. . . until now.

Gotta love those freebies.

I guess the last guy to work on the engine dropped it and assumed it hit the floor.

It's been in there for at least 6 months and probably 500-1,000 miles.
thats a good size to have multiples of, at least it wasn't a metric.:L
I opened the hood of my work van the other day, and there laying in the front was a 8" long steel Snap-On chisel. Haven't had anything done to the van except service, I didn't think you needed a steel chisel to service a vehicle.
they probably used it on the oil filter, if it had been tightened too much they can be a real PITA to remove "hand tighten only" is often ignored :L
free tools

I found a continuity tester under the hood after a visit to the shop
for faulty break lites

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