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ive heard that if take off your frisbee you can get 10hp.WHAT IS IT?,and how do you take it off,do i even have one on a 93 lt1,and what side effects if any.:(
Sanman, I just spent the past half-hour trying to find something related to Corvettes and "Frisbees" but came up empty-handed.

I think someone pulled your leg and you in turn pulled mine, eh? ;)

I guess I deserved that! :eek:

Maybe they are talking about carburated cars that have the air filter right on top of the carb. Pull the lid (frisbee?) off the filter and you have a pretty much unrestricted air flow.

A buddy of mine used to race stock cars in North Carolina and that was one of the favored tricks his pit crew used to do, right before a race. He swore up and down it was good for some extra horsepower.

It's pretty much the same concept behind K&N's "filter charger" system. Less air flow restriction, more Hp.

You mean this?


It is the "frisbee" bolted to the front of the water pump pulley. It is a very easy mod, approximetly 20+ lbs. less on the cranking system. Just don't forget to put a couple washers/spacers when you put the bolts back in the pulley, so it dosen't interfere with the water pump. Free horse power! :D


thanks barbie,thats it . i was starting to think i was hearing things.now i just hope i have one,hp for free,thats for me

p.s. i wont tell anyone i talked to you:L

Sorry sanman, I don't think you have one. Think they only went from 88 - 92. Easy to tell though, big ole metal disc bolted in front of your water pump. just took mine off last week, about ten pounds of metal. Lots of info on this on the corvette forum.
Well, excu-u-u-se me! ;-)

I've never heard of the term "frisbee" used in conjunction with Corvettes before. :L

If the horsepower you are referring to as the "fribee" modification, comes from that pulley, then what you are installing is the underdrive pulley, which will create less parasitic drag on the accessory drive system by reducing the rotating mass by turning it slower.

I found this at (gulp!) Jeff's Saturn Page :L
Underdrive Pulleys in a Nutshell.
Pulleys are part of the accessory drive system on you engine. They provide power to the power steering pump, water pump, air conditioning compressor, and alternator. These are driven via the serpentine belt from the crank pulley.

Underdrive pulleys free up power in two ways:
1) Changing the rate accessories turn
2) Reducing rotating mass

The biggest gain we as Saturn drivers will see comes from number 2, reducing the rotating mass. There is a finite amount of power that an engine produces. This power has to do a number of things; turn the accessories (above), drive the car, turn itself far enough for the next combustion cycle to take place. By reducing the amount of power that goes into turning the accessories, you make more available to drive the car.

A more technical definition I could not find. :eek:

Hope it helps ya! :w


The frisbee as you hear it called was an idea of the GM engineers that they tried, starting in 88. The metal disc was supposed to dampen the effects of the ac turning on and off, and help to keep ac brackets from cracking. It apparently was not as successful as they hoped and the frisbee was discontinued, in 92, I think.
It wouldn't be an underdrive pulley.

You are not replacing the pulley,you would simply be removing weight.

Mine is off.I want to break in the water pump a little before I G-Tech it.

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