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Front bumper install on a 75


john davis

well some one backed into my 75 and put two giant cracks in my front bumper. The bumper is the original one and it had some small stress crack in it all ready. Is it a major job to do yourself or is it best left to a body man
Hi John,
It depends on what type of bumper you want to install. If you use an original rubber (urethane) bumper it's pretty straightforward, just time consuming. A fiberglass or a tru-flex bumper will cost less but requires every hole to be drilled and more than likely bodywork to be done to fit right. Hope this helps.
Mike is right. The old adage"you get what you pay for" is a very real statement when it come to after market bumpers. There are some good fiberglass ones out there and there is some real junk. Also, there are some good urethane ones out there and some real junk. The best one I ever put on came from eklers, it was for an '80. Still had to do a little work on it but it was allot better then the others(also, about twice the price) If you , or your body shop, has experiance, the fiberglass ones are most likley a little cheaper all around. I, personnaly, prefer the good fiberglass ones, due to the ease in repairing any future mishaps. I have always had trouble repairing the urethane. When you get ready to order let me know or somebody here and we will stear you in the right direction and away from problems that we have had previously.......Steve

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