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Thanks again for you kind reply in your last entry into "luggage rack". I guess I got lucky cause I already have all the publications you suggested.
Since you have encouged me to ask more questions, I have one that I been wrestling with since I had the body soda blasted this sping. The right front fender and header bar shows signs of a fairly hard hit."now that it's naked". My question is what is your take, or whoever may want to comment on the one piece replacement front ends. I'm NOT talking about the hand laminated ones. I'm considering the Jig-Fit assembled press molded ones. Has anybody had any experiece with this and is it onsidered an acceptable replacement???

The "jig fitted" front clip is, and is not a one piece front clip, to me. If it has bonding strips it is a "correct" front end. If the car is worth the added expense(and from what you say about your car, it is) I would go with the jig fitted front clip. Keep in mind that it will cost about 3 to 4 times as much as the "one piece" but, the time you save and the worth of the car in the end will be well worth it............Steve
I agree with Steve. The jig fit front ends are assembled with all of the pieces that the originals were wnd are accepted as correct in appearance and function by NCRS. It would be the way to go on your car. Steve, SS Autosport, can supply the parts and installation, if neccessary. He knows his business and as a community vender will give you the best prices and service.

I hear he is a nice guy too and very fashion conscious.


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