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Front-end Bra



I found some paint chipped off on my front bumper and hood. I was thinking of getting a bra to protect the front-end. However, my dealer recommended against it. He said the bra may catch dirt under it and scratch the paint surface even more. So I would like to hear a second opinion from those who have bras on their C5's. Would it damage the surface like the dealer said? Does it require drilling to install? Who sells one? Thanks in advance. - James
I thought I saw something like Clearlastic in ecklers for hoods. Personally, I would prefer something like that rather than some black thing that would damage the paint. Secondly, wouldn't it show up when you take it off and the paint underneath the mask is darker than the rest of the body.
The Bra from GM has worked for me on two long trips, over 1000 miles each. I don't put it on local. As to the possibility of getting stuff under it and paint damage, very likely. I took it off every other day on both trips and washed the car and cleaned off the Bra as best I could on the road and did get dust/sand out of the edges each time. But for $7X.xx at Fichtner Chevrolet, MT it has been very handy to keep on hand for any trips. It does have one 'nick' in the outer material from something sharp, don't want to think what that would have done to the paint. Also the fit has been fantastic, but Ken at Fichtner did the installation of the fittings under the wheel wells and under the front lower bumper area, so I would suggest finding some one who has done it before for the install of the hardware. Good luck with whatever you decide. :beer
I agree with your dealer. I wouldn't get a bra as it can scratch the paint. I personally don't like the way it looks. Happy Holidays.
I agree

Anything abrasive that gets under the bra will harm the paint.

I like the way StArrow68 applies the bra for protection of his Vette on long trips, with regular cleaning/breathing intervals for both the bra and paint.

Myself...chips happen. Just drive it.
I know, everybody has seen the bra, but heck, I love my ride and this was it's first day on the road at the top of Beartooth pass out of Montana going to Yellowstone. At 1300 miles from home the Bra did a great job.


If you are ever in Danville, CA., look up Pete's and if I'm there on a Sunday afternoon, :beer , I'm good for at least one for some good Corvette stories.
Looks pretty sharp!

Looks great. When they fit right, bras do look nice and will protect as intended. I still like your theory of application.
Nice looking Vette. The bra looks good too, but remember to take it off once in a while so that it does not sratch your paint. Nice color Vette by the way.

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