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front end guts


Fast Ed

Can I attach the nose clip on first then install all the guts ie: lights, radiator support, radiator shroud, radiator etc. If so would it be more efficent to install all of the guts first then attach the nose. I know I am a little slow on this project but my girlfriend says i'm a lotta bit anal.
I don't know about the anal part, but I would mount the radiator, support and shroud before attaching the clip. This will give you a little more of a referance point for making the necesary attachment. A rule to follow, fit 2,3,even 4 times then glue once..........Steve
? Steve ... Question ?

Previous owner of my 71 cpe installed front clip / passenger fender wrong. Passenger side door gap at front is much closer at bottom than at top (rear gap's fine). This seems to cause right front fender to droop. It seems this angle gets multiplied, and front grill on passenger side is very noticeably lower than driver side. A problem I think is related to this is that there is a crack developing; located mid-way of hood opening, starting at fender edge going across fender. It's as though she had a stroke on her right side and her mouth is drooping on pass side! Where would I "break" the bond(s) so as to reglue it back into position. I have NEVER had a vette fender or clip off or on before ... but I'm pretty handy. What do you think?
I agree SS that fit fit fit is the correct practice part of bieng retentive. I am using the adhesive made for vetts and it is real nice to work with. You can adjust he cure time by adjusting the activator(listed on the can) and do you think the lights can be installed after the support by moving it back after the adhesive is cured?
Jack, it sounds like to me, some one has put on a "non standard" piece of fender. By that I mean, they did not follow the original bonding strips. The front clip originally comes in 3 major pieces. The left fender, the right fender, and the hood suround. These parts are bonded with bonding strips running horizontly from door opening to grill opening, about 2 inches below the top fender edge. There are no "original" bonding strips running across the top of the fender. The proper way of fixing it would be to go back and put the correct, non damaged peices on. The problem here is, it could get very expensive. While this is a dirty job, and time consuming, I think that most anyone with a little comman sense and ability to ask for and follow instructions could do this, especially on there own car. The most important is where you purchase your new glass, there are places to avoid, if you get ready to do this call me and I will advise you where to get your glass.............Ed, The lights will go in with the shroud in place(What year is your car) some go in easier then others. We usually put the headlight assys together in the hole. You have to adjust them anyway. Good luck both of you anymore questions, let me know I will try to help if I can...............Steve PS Sorry for any spelling problems I notoce there is no more spell check....
Steve: My vette is a 76 and I have the lights assembled outside the car. I may try to assemble in the hole this seems to be a more difficult task.
Ed :W:

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