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Help! Front end rebuild problem


New member
Aug 23, 2013
oceanside, ca
1963 riverside red convertible
Just finished rebuilding the entire front end on my '63 convertible. I replaced the tie rods, rebuilt the steering rod, installed new ball joints and bushings, replaced the shocks with Koni Classics and replaced the original springs with 460lb springs from corvette central. After everything was on I re-installed the shims on upper a arms. I dropped the car and torqued bushings to spec then drove the car around the block. Parked the car in the driveway to look at alignment and was surprised at how far out the camber was positive on both sides. I went ahead and inserted more shims until I was out of bolt room (4) 1/8 in on each bolt and am still out enough to be able to see it when looking at the car from front.

I am wondering what could cause the excessive camber and if I have missed something in the installation. I checked to ensure that the springs are seated correctly and they appear to be. The front end does sit approximately 3/4 inch higher in front than before, I assume that is the new springs settling. Any suggestions on what is causing the extreme positive camber and how to correct is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for any suggestions

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