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Front Pump Seal



hey any input on this..

I took my 1986 Vet in for an oil change at the dealer. I have been noticing what appeared to be an oil spot in the Garage.

I asked the dealer to check it out. After the oil change, he told me it was not oil, but tranny fluid. and concluded that its either a trany pan gasket or a front pump seal.

It was too inconclusive. So they are cleaning the area after doing the trany service I authorized replace the filter and and gasket etc.

then drive it and see if its still leaking.

the car only has 38k miles. If it were the front pump seal he said they had to drop the trany to replace it.

what cost should I expect to pay for this ?? or should I bring it to a trasnmission shop.

If its just a spot, maybe you can live with it.

Usually when the front pump seal leaks it will vary in the amount. Sometimes a big puddle, other times very little or none.

input shaft seal will be a consistent spot on the floor.

Once the trans is out both should be changed.

A dealer tech that does Vettes will usually be good at this job.

A transmission place often times will sing a good song to you and want to overhaul the unit.
rear seal too Bob

Sorry Bob:
If tranny comes out ... hope not ... have the rear seal (at driveshaft) replaced also. Tranny shops are notorious for talking up an un-needed overhaul ... buyer beware.
re; pump seal

thanks for the responses. I took the car home and put some newspaper down in the garage to see if there is still a leak.

I'll monitor it.

thanks again,

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