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Front suspension 87 Coupe



My car is too low in front. It has new shocks and the mechanic said the front suspension looks OK. :( The previous owner told me tha the car had been lowered by yet another owner but that he did not know how it had been done. I need to raise the front end of the car about one and a half to two inches before I demolish the front bumper. Everywhere I go I scrape the underside if there is a small bump. Speed bumps, which are plentiful where I live, are a nightmare:eek . Any suggestions are welcome (moving elsewhere is definitely not an option) :( .
My e-mail is: agomezjr@hotmail.com
alfonso said:
...(moving elsewhere is definitely not an option) :( .


This is the first time I've seen anybody ask this question; usually it's the other way around and people want to lower the car. Hang in there, I'm sure someone will have an answer for you.

I don't think you should expect private e-mail unless you really get into a project with somebody, but you can enable an option for you to be notified when someone responds to your subscribed post. I think it's a default setting, but do continue to check in regularly anyway.

The most common way to lower a C4 is to install "wedges" that are bonded to the spring, this involves removing the stock 1" tall rubber blocks that come from the factory. Problem is that once this is done it is not reversable. You'll need to find a replacemrnt front spring to restore the original ride height. To raise the rear of the car simply crank up the bolts that attach to the rear spring at the end of each side. Be sure to replace the front spring with the same that you currantly have. Look for the 3 letter designation code that is etched into the spring on the outer edge i.e. "FHA" "FMB" etc...


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