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Front targa top bolt replacement



I bought an acrylic roof for my 89. The front bolts which hold the roof on are stripped to the point that the passenger side will not pull down. I did have the roof on twice. The 14 year old roof will still go on an off (for now anyways.)

How difficult are these to replace? I purchased replacement bolts from Corvette Central.
Just lookin' for posts with no replies...

Whoa! Long time for no response to this post. :eek

The bolts that stay with the roof panel aren't difficult to replace, just unscrew them until they fall out. :L

The retainers though, in the header frame and halo, should not be that much more difficult. I can't picture it at the moment, but aren't the flanges exposed, so you can simply unbolt the old ones and install new ones? That is, if you can find them. ;)
Actually I have to go do this exact procedure as well, My top like to wobble around while driving. The Bolts lose torque after only a few klicks. Im just going to replace the bolt up package as well.

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