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Fs:1986 corvette 18,000 miles 4+3, recent service $16,900

Pedigree Vette

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Aug 3, 2016
Boca Raton, Florida
2005 LeMans Blue Corvette Coupe
Sometimes we come across a car that is truly special and unique. A car that beats the odds and has been preserved so perfectly its something that we can't pass on. Such is the case with this 1986 C4 Corvette. When we learned about this car, we went to see it with some skepticism. We figured this car cannot possibly be as good as its described. Much to our delight, we were more than impressed with how magnificently well preserved this car is. Without question, its one of the finest Corvettes we have ever seen.

This C4 is as perfect in every way that you can expect from a 30 year old car. The paint, leather, carpets, seals, and components are believed to be all original. Only the tires are not original. Not only is it all original, it defies the odds and looks almost like new. We have driven this car over 1000 miles in the past month and everything in this car works without flaw. From what we can tell, this car needs nothing to be driven and enjoyed. This Torch Red beauty is gorgeous literally looks almost like new. It is a very rare spec with the 4+3 manual transmission, Z51 suspension, and cloth bucket seats.

Take a close look at the pictures. The seals are all original and are still moist and flex. There is no dry rot to be found anywhere. The bolsters on the seats look as if they have never been sat in. They feel like new and have full support from the side bolsters. Notice the headlights, they line up perfectly. Most don't. The details on this car are incredible.

Included with the purchase of this Corvette are:
Window sticker
Build Sheet
Original Sales Brochure
Original Owners Manual, in its case
Tool for hard top removal
Wheel Locks
Original Floor Mats
2 sets of Keys
Clean Car Fax
Recent service documents
Actual miles title

The window sticker shows it had an original price of $29,617.

The factory options are:

Six way Power drivers seat
Power Door Lock system
Cruise Control
Bose Audio system
Z51 Handling Package
Defog system
Sold new at Surf Chevrolet in Point Pleasant Beach, New-Jersey

We have thoroughly inspected and serviced this Corvette. It is absolutely a thrill to drive and feels like it did in 1986. It has never been abused or modified, it feels incredibly tight and has no rattles. Everything in it works as it should. We have over 100 photos of this car including chassis pictures and are happy to send them out upon request.

Recent service includes:
Oil pressure senders
Replaced Valve cover gaskets
Adjusted valves
Recharge AC with original R-12
New Alternator
New Tires
Belts changed
New Hoses
All fluids flushed

This really is a unique opportunity as these cars have not yet increased in value. Most are hi miles and worn out. Preserved original cars like this with such low miles are very rare.

Contact Ken Baker at 561-866-1601 for further details. over 100 photos available upon request.


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You say "all original except the tires" but then list a bunch of stuff that has been replaced. Hoses, belts, sender units, and alternator? WTF? Alternators are date coded. They can be rebuilt or repaired. Anyone that won't take the time and effort to preserve original date-coded components on what they call an "all original car" shouldn't be taken seriously. They don't know what they're doing or talking about.

There are two kinds of Corvettes. Those that are purchased directly from the original owner. And all others. Seems like you found this car from the original owner, then dorked it up by changing a bunch of things that shouldn't have been changed. You are obviously a car dealer, but not a Corvette dealer. Corvette people know how important originality IS to other Corvette people that are seeking out an "original" Corvette. Car dealers think a "service" sells cars. Maybe it does. But "originality" sells Corvettes. The less dorked-with, the better. Including items like hoses, belts and filters. Any car is only original once. Even changing the oil puts "non-original" wrench marks on the drain plug.

Here's a couple of questions you didn't answer in your description. Does it have aluminum heads? 86 Coupes had iron heads until very late in the year. Has the overdrive been up-graded? The 84-86 overdrives had several deficiencies that were rectified with updated parts that became available in 1987. If the overdrive is still original, it is not as desirable as one that can be documented as having received the updates, because neither the updated or original design parts are readily available, and the original design is very likely to fail, with resources to fix it very scarce. Mine did at 8,700 miles, but has been fine for the enxt 40,000 miles. An 84-86 4+3 without the up-grades carries a very high risk of imminent catastrophic failure, with few options for repair, (all quite expensive) that leaves the car un-drivable without repairs.

For $16.999 I'd require that it received the updated overdrive at some time in its past over recent new hoses that can be purchased at Pep Boys.

Nice first post. Good luck with sale.

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