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Fuse Block Problem

Jan 24, 2002
Binghamton, NY
1981Dark Blue Metallic & 2004 conv. magnetic red
When I went to get my Vette out this spring none of my dash gagues worked and I pulled the fuse , it was OK but upon putting it back in the gagues worked. I came to the conclusion that the oxidation on the stabs was the problem. The same held true for the choke fuse, the choke light went out after putting it back in, so I'm going through the the block and changing the fuses.

Question - Can I clean the contacts of the fuse block with out using a spray contact cleaner. I thought of using a nail file but if the abrasive surface particles stayed on the contacts would this be a bigger problem.

I have always stored the Vette inside for the winter and outside during the non-winter months. Until last December I never had a garage but she now is in her new home all the time, no more damp mornings or rainy weather.

i would appreciate your thoughts.


Go to Radio Shack (Not my first choice... but) and get a burnishing tool. It is somethink like a finger nail file but designed to clean contact surfaces.. Years ago I use one to clean relay contacts during Substation Relay testing and setting ;)

A common pinkish-red rubber eraser as found on a pencil works great. Cleans & burnishes.
-edit- a light film of dielectric grease on fuse/terminal contacts will help prevent oxidation ... a small tube of it is about $3 at parts store & will last a long time.
Thanks for the replies, I will be tackling it this weekend.

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