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Fx3 And Bose Problems


john Fahey

:confused Can anyone help me with code problems on my 92 6speed zo7 coupe. I have accessed codes 13 and 22, 23 what are the problems and how do i fix them.
Also my have a problem with my Bose gold series CD/Radio. The rear speakers have suddenly stopped working and make a bass hum with no sound. could it be a bad connection or earth? I am from Australia so a quick response would be grateful.
regards from down under
Hi John, and welcome,
the codes for your FX3 are for the left and right rear shocks.
These codes basically tell you that your adjusters, mounted on top of the shocks, cannot orientate themselves during startup.
They basically do a sequence, by which they go from one end of adjustment, to the other, just to make sure that they move freely.
If for some reason, they keep spinning, or they dont move at all, these codes set.
So, basically, you will have to remove the rear shocks, disconnect the adjuster on top, and inspect the shock.
Let us know if you do not have the service manual, and we can walk you through it.
As for the 23, htis codes sets if the ignition is cycles on and off 3 times, without moving the vehicle.
The bose I have to do more research on, but I am suspecting a amplifier problem, and will repost at a later date.
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb
:) Thanks c4c5 for your help i have a manual. i would like to thankyou for this help as good information down here is not readily available. We are very passionate about our corvettes in australia but do not have access to technical people like yourselves. Hear from you soon on the radio if you can help

I believe your amps are toast! You can do 1 of two things.

Find a buddy who will let you pull one out of his car, the entire module..not just the speaker
( 84 thru 94 will have the same connections)
The speakers themselves are slightly different but the wiring & control are the same ( 4 pin AMP black connector power, gnd, audio signal & it's ground)

This will confirm that your pre-amp/control unit is ok and it will point at the amp internal of the speaker.

2) Just buy new amps.... I assume that the car gets rather HOT in the summer months.. the heat is a killer for these amps... the heat MIGHT have something to do with your shock problem too!

When did you notice the problem?

Hope this helps

The car is only driven on fine days and this drop out has only happened after i had a throttle body coolant hose let go at the same time the rear suspension went soft. this could be from coolant spraying under vehicle. I do not know if this is related what do you think

I believe the speaker amps are sealed, therefore I doubt the spray under the car caused the failure. I replaced the capacitors in mine (had a similar heat problem) and now they work fine. Use a higher voltage capacitor than the 16v units in the origional. Your local TV shop can do the job if your not into electronics. For my 92, it took 1-1uf, 2-680uf, 3-10uf, 2-4.7uf, & 2-47uf capacitors for each amp. You can order them for about $10-12 US(ea amp). DigiKey has them.
lots of luck.
I am more than a little suspicious that the two problems came about after the coolant leak. I am not sure how they relate, but it does make me curious.

Anyone....since I don't have FX3 to reference...it is possible that the coolant affected a connection under the hood?

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