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Garage Update

Jan 24, 2002
Binghamton, NY
1981Dark Blue Metallic & 2004 conv. magnetic red
It has been 4 months since the project started and it is finally all closed in.
The windows will be installed some warmer day yet the cars are under cover and no frost, rain or snow will be a problem again. The siding is a spring thing and have started the electrical work, also pulling in telephone, intercom and TV cable ( hey you never know ). Work on the Vette and watch a hockey game if the season ever starts.
Nice, I'd like to have a similar setup, only 2 car due to size restraints, by mid-late summer. It will be nice to get out of the attached garage.

Lucky dog.

Are youdoing all the work yourself?
Wheres the bar??

WHAT???? :eek NO BAR?? how about a fridge with a keg on tap,AT LEASTfor your friends who come to visit and admire the vette!!!:drink

BTW nice garage!!!!:beer
bill:w :D
Other than the foundation and floor with the help of a neighbor and a few friends I have been doing this nights, weekends and when I can steal away. It has been a great learning experience and want this to be better than just a garage. I will be trying to buy a used furnace from a mobile home, either propane or kerosene for next winter.

Extras, you bet, telephone, intercom and cable, yup there will be a place for having a small refrig, ya gotta keep those survival canisters cold.

Windows and siding will be going on in the spring and then paving the driveway before next winter.

Chuck :beer but not when driving the Vette or any other car.
Starting the electrical installation, temp power there now and found that T8 flourescent tubes 1 1/4" diameter with an electronic ballast start at full power even at -5 degrees. The T12 tubes 1 1/2" diameter can't handle the cold and all manufacturing of the T12 will stop July 2005 so when supplies are gone you will have to convert your fixtures to T8 or buy new ones. Just some info if you need it.

I installed the 8 ft T12 High Output lamps in my garage. Absolutley no flicker in the cold and all the light you need.
I work for an electrical distributor and doing lighting layouts is one of my duties. An alternate to T12 besides T8 tubes is the new T5 fixtures and tubes which are designed for higher mounting applications up to 35'. With T8's they have a very good operating life besides starting in cold weather, T5 fixtures are so new that there is not enough data on the operation in a cold enviroment.

I did a relighting application for a commerical Maple Syrup producer and the lighting has been great but with all the steam from boiling a resdiue built up on the tube contacts and he had to wiggle the tubes a little to make them work. Now we are looking into a sealed fixture for the T8s.

T8 HO's are the ticket and watch the calvin rating, the higher the number the better the color rendition.

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