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Gas prices



Just curious...how much is everyone paying for gas? I filled up the 81 yesterday $1.99 9/10 a gallon in Massachusetts for Mobil Plus.
I have about a 40 minute ride to work. So....I go on a Cruise every morning. :) but it's getting expensive

Tampa, Florida Gas Prices


This is the big travel weekend coming up. Down here gas prices usually reach their summer peak at this time. The best price I can find is $1.67.9 (Shell 93 octane). Most other stations are ranging from $1.70.9 - $1.79.9. I have no idea if they will go even higher, I hope not. We were planing some summer travel.... we'll see.

I am paying $1.59 for Supreme...at most stations. If I drive 25min I can purchase it for about .07/gal cheaper.

I see you guys are using supreme or plus.....I've been using regular Mobil at $1.70.9/gal.....maybe that's why my '77 sputters and misfires when I floor it.....could it be?
On Friday I paid $2.39 a gallon for 93 octane. :( Times like that it's nice that it only has a 16 gallon tank!! I think the prices have gone down a little since then (either that or the station I stopped at, which isn't part of my normal drive, is way high).

77Vette, I would try the higher octane gas, and try putting a bottle of STP octane booster, which also is supposed to clean your fuel system too. I just tried a bottle 2 fills ago, and she's running smoother than ever! :cool

BTW, the guy I bought it from and my mechanic have also told me to use lead additive - as if the price of gas isn't expensive enough already!! But she's worth it....
Yeah BBB, I'm going to take your advise and try the higher octane and booster. It certainly can't hurt...Thanks:w
S Carolina gas prices

On 21 MAY at Florence SC discount regular gas is $1.479... 20 MAY at Columbia SC discount reg gas is $1.469 and I noted diesel is $1.299. All this is rather odd because there's usually about a nickel difference between the two cities (75 miles apart)...although one never knows which one'll be highest...seldom are the two closely matched. Also, gas is historically highest in port city of Charleston SC... go figure...where transport/storage costs are minimized, the market yields a higher price. BTW, if y'all don't visit Myrtle Beach this year my gas prices will be less!
Here it's 2.40 a gallon for reg and 3.27 for 94 oct. Great to be a Canuck EH.
Remember the good ol' days of gas wars ???

Well, somethings happening up here some 30 miles north of Yosemite as the price for 92 octane at the Chevron station dropped from $2.35 9/10 to $2.29 9/10...but It still pays make the stop in Oakdale where it's $1.99 and dropping a bit.
But that's nothing...last fall going to Lake Tahoe via Hwy88, paid $2.65 for premium at Kirkwood...but only took enough to get me into Tahoe where it was under $2.
I paid five dollars a gallon last Thursday! (Of course this was at a racetrack.) :L

Here in the northwest part of SC, we are paying about $1.439. But in Ga, which is just across the lake, I can get gas for about $1.399. We are only about 5 miles from the border, too.;)

I used reg. octane in all vehicles here.:s that makes life and the wallet alot easier to live with. I sure don't look for gas to go down much this year.:mad

yellow 81
Here we are paying 81.9 cents/litre (Can$) so 4 litres in a gallon =$3.27 a gallon for regular :eek

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