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Gas Smell



When I park my 93 I can smell gas when I get out. Can't find any noticeable leak, dripping, or puddles. Any suggestions?

I have had probs with gas smells that were due to old and worn out hoses. Perhaps you could check the condition of your hoses on your fuel system.
Other people here at CAC are more experienced than I, and you'll receive better ideas of where to check from them.

Silver aka:Heidi
My '85 blew the fuel regulator gasket. What a disaster.....gas everywhere.
Is the smell coming from the front or the rear? I would let the car run for a few minutes, get out, pop the hood & see if you can see it leaking out from anywhere. Good luck....

It's probably just the canister purging or something; it's usually nothing to worry about if you find no other obvious source. Mine smells of gas fumes every now and then. ;)
Sometimes a sticking or leaking fuel injector can give a strong gas smell coming back up through the air filter once the engine is shut off! :eek

Also, check the neck where you put the gas in, under the rubber. Sometimes gas can leak there if the gasket goes out.
Those are all good suggestions, but I would say you need to find it... I lost a car that way. If it is fter you stop the engine, it is probably the emissions (evaporative or purge) system, and it is easy for a hose leak to cause a problem that is not visable, because the odor is vapor (the most dangerous), and not liquid gas. To do this best, you need one of the service books from a parts store, they have a schematic or diagram of the layout. Additionally, there should by law be one stuck on a label under the hood.
Thanks for all the suggestions. As soon as my husband can, he will check all of them out.

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