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I am looking at a winter budget that will only support getting my dash working. I need to rebuild speedo, voltage, oil pressure, and clock. Anyone with experience with rebuilders out there? Thanks for the help.
1969 Red Sidepipe Roadster
I used a service on the Internet called Corvette Instrument Service located at http://www.corvetteinstruments.com/ to repair my clock.

I mailed the unit to them and they did a good job with the owner taking the time to respond to email, inquiries, etc. Turnaround was very timely.

There's also a service here in Atlanta that redid my tach and speedometer that did a good job at a reasonable price, though I can't recall the name. They did a good job as well. If you are interested in them let me know and I'll dig up the name for you. I don't know about there mail-in policies.


Here are a couple of recomendations..

D & M Restoration : 800.722.0854
The Clock Doc : 800.256.5362

D+M Restoration did an excellant job on my gauges. I'd recommend them.
I would price a quartz clock conversion kit against rebuilding your original clock, I repaired mine last year (burnt contact points, seems to be the most common failure, dressed and adjusted) and they only lasted a year, a complete rebuild would surely be more reliable, no experience there but I'm sure you'll get plenty of feedback from this forum, great bunch of people ! :w
2 suggestions: Corvette Specialties Of Maryland, Eldersburg, MD (Brian Tilles), and Rick's Restoration, Manchester, MD (Rick Stotler). Both do excellent work on all instruments, gauge clusters, speedo's, tach's etc. They will do both functional and cosmetic restorations. One or the other does most of the Corvette work in the entire Baltimore/Washington/Southern PA area. Nice guys....quality work. If you want phone #'s, EMail me. Chuck

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