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Gauge update w/ pictures


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
Okay, gauges are 98% complete. Here are a couple of before/after pics. I can't wait to light them up. I have decided to go with the green back light.

I also just blanked off the idiot lights on the center panel with some brushed aluminum. I have decided to nix the fiber optics and in that place run regular bulbs on the shifter console to indicate the blinkers, high beam, and e-brake. The Autometer gauges don't have blinkers, brake, and high beam light spots in them like the factory units.

so far so good.



If you look at the center panel in the radio spot it might look kind of strange. I am not 100% happy with this, but so far it is the best of all possible solutions. I had to shift the stereo to the left a tad to clear the Vintage Air a/c system. I am also running a square mount as you see so I had to cut the hole out. That left an ugly tuner hole on the right. I basically roughed it up, filled it with bondo, sanded the lower panel and textured it to match the upper portion. Now, the square unit fits. I am still thinking this one through. This was a brand new $90 or so panel that I had to hack up. My original was already broken up high and the prior owner had seen fit to cut the whole radio out. I considered that, but felt keeping the majority of the structure was best to preserve strength.
Way :cool. I'm waiting for the picture where the speedo needle is on the 180!

i really like the center console gauges, hey and look your still moving at 20 mph!
Found out something else cool. You know how the gauges in the new vette swing up when you start the car, then settle back down????

Well, guess what??? These do too. It is soooooooooooo cool. When you hit the ignition power, the needle pops up to half mast, sits there for a second, the digital portion calibrates, then it drops down to zero. Now if I could just add sound effects.
Very nice! :upthumbs

- Eric

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