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gear change


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Mar 28, 2001
Boston, MA area
jewel blue 61.cranberry 69 t-top.black rose 92
any one have any info on gear change on an 87dana 36 to 3:73 companys precision gear , richmond gear looking for best install thanks steve:beer :w
Steve, the 3.73s won't fit in a 36 carrier, you'll have to get a 44. ;)

I bought mine and had it installed through Guldstrand, so I don't know the actual cost. Sorry. :eek:

_ken :w
ken called precision gear they modify thier gears to fit the case just have never used themthey make the ring gear fatter
3.73 gears will fit in the Dana 36. I just converted my 2.59 to 3.54 and I'm very happy with them. A number of people have gone to 3.73. The caveat is that if you drag race the car the Dana 36 won't hold up to the abuse or if you make serious horsepower upgrades. For the Dana 36 what they do is use what they call a thick gear. This makes the the ring and pinion line up properly in place of the 2.59. It's a tight fit but it works.

There are a few companies that make the 3.54 and 3.73 thick gear setups for the Dana 36 for your Vette. The most used one I've found is Richmond. I went with Strange (US Gear). I like them. There is also Precision Gear as has been noted. I beleive you may find Yukon has a package and Motive. You can't get a GM gear set though unless you convert to a Dana 44. If you want the whole Dana 36 pumpkin already built and ready to go in you can get one from MAD, Zip, etc.. I opted to not do that because of the cost, about $1,400. Search this forum for gear change and you'll find a rather long dissertation I did on gear swap on my92. I only did it a month ago.

I wasn't aware of the custom gear sets that Richmond provides. The info I got pertaining to the 3.73s and the 36 carrier, I thought was from the Dana site, but I just came from their and can't find it. No matter, that's irrelavent :eyerole to the matter a hand - namely, Steve's new gears. :upthumbs

The fact that the swap is possible without switching carriers will no doubt result in a lot less cost for you Steve, I'm sure. You're gonna LOVE 'em! :J

_ken :w
Richmond makes a 3.75 gear for the Dana 36. I ordered mine from Jegs for around $320 when I had my '85. You'll notice a world of difference on the low end. Good luck


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