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(*&%@# Gears



I have been trying for almost 2 weeks to find out if I have Dana 36 or Dana 44 gears with the G44 & G92 option on a 96 LT1. I have called all 5 GM dealers in my area, NO HELP. I called the GM customer service line, who then put me on the phone with the same dealership who could not help me. The Dealership did make more of an effort this time around called GM Techline who told him that GM did not put Dana 36 or Dana 44 in Corvettes. They put something called a CQW Dana. I asked him what the @&(#$ was that and he said he did not know. :mad
Is there anyone out there, who had the 3.07 G44 & G92 codes that upgraded to the 3.73? If so what gears did you get. Please someone help me.



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Apr 26, 2002
Casper Wyoming USA
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G44 is the RPO for a Dana 36 axle 3.07 to 1 ratio. G92 is the RPO for the performance axle option, which in your case sounds like you have the mix master with 3.07 gears. The ZF-6 speeds have the Dana 44 axles. Remember when replacing ring and pinion gears they have to fit your 3.07 carrier, as they are different than the 2.73 carriers. However you can convert to a Dana 44 set up if you so desire. Hope this helps. 84 CF 91 ZR-1

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