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get new clutch



i'm am getting a new a/c compresser it locked up on me awhile back do i need to get a new clutch for it or could i use the old one i dont have any idea what to do

I would get the whole package at once. It is usually cheaper that way in the long run.

Are you going to do the work yourself?
yes i am going to do it myself i will just have to look for the whole package then thanx

Well that is cool. I do all my own a/c work and rather enjoy the satisfaction of creating cold air. Plus, after buying the equipment, the big investment is over and after doing two or three cars you have more than gotten your money back.

I convert most everything over to 134. I can do a quality conversion for less than $100 that will last and last.

Good going! I use an old household a/c pump from a feezer that has new ends soldered onto the housing and a simple on off switch in conjunction with a reagular set of a/c gauges.

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