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Getting into the Corvette Business(again)



I doubt anyone remembers me- I mean look at the post count. I was in on the purchase of a sitting 72 Orange Corvette. I went and asked the guy what he wanted for it, and he wanted an outrageous price. $6000 for a rusty basket case. However a guy I knew desperately wanted an Ontario Orange Corvette, and he paid it. I now know a lot more about Corvettes. I'd like to get into the Corvette business again.

I'm about burned out on my current brand, and wouldn't mind going to the Chevy side for a while...

What would be the cheapest basket case Corvette of the 68-82's ? Are the post 82 models cheaper ?
I've got a 454 and transmission to work with, and I just want something to work on. How much for a basket case car ?
Hello ChargerMike!

Off the subject, but what year Charger do you have? Look at my name, I just have to know. :L Anyways, basket cases are in the eyes in of the beholder, as is price. I've seen some cars that are absolutley in pieces, but the seller tells me that the car is solid and ready to go. Errr....dude are you blind? A Corvette body shop that I visited some years ago in Houston had a 1969 427/4-speed Corvette that was in bad shape. The car was mostly in one piece, but the car hadn't ran in years. The paint was all gone and it basically needed a ground-up approach. "How much is it?" I asked. $10,000?!! This guy was delusional or just plain crazy. Some guys want to start a retirement fund by selling thier car, so beware. As with everything though, it's the little things that kill your wallet. Try to find the most complete car and then dive in. Good luck! --Bullitt
Hello mike

There are some even more ridiculous offers i've seen out there like: rusty frame, no engine no transmission $6,000 :eek
but, i suggest you check out http://www.collectorcartrader.com
They have a huge selection across the country on C3 vettes. (extending into canada also) Or, if you enjoy playing russian roulet, check out the garbage dump (aka www.ebaymotors.com )

good luck

- Eric
Ahh the basket case market

I'm a bit of a collector to be honest. Brand X: 72 Charger SE, 70 Charger 500, 70 Charger, 70 Challenger, 72 Cuda.

I've worked around Corvettes enough now until I really appreciate them, and like them a lot. I'm about burned out now on my Brand X's- parts too high and no justification for it. I realize the Corvettes parts are high- but there is justification. The other nice thing I've noticed is that if there is a part you need: you can get it.

What I really want is to experience the same feel as the old V-8 in a Austin Healey, MG, Triumph trick- but with the factory sophistication that comes with Corvettes. I want the 2 seats, implant a big block in a short wheelbase light body, and drive it real fast.

The 72 I looked at turned out to be a BB car. No engine. No transmission. Cloth pornstar crushed velvet polka dot seats. Lexan in place of back glass. Damage to windshield support. Rust out in frame. $6000. A friend of mine really wanted it, and he put $15,000 in it. He's probably got a total now of $23,000 in. He might get $16-18k if he's lucky.

But see ? I don't care. If I like something enough to build it, I keep it.

Just curious, but do you live near Big Canoe. I travel down there all the time. As well, I have family all over Atlanta. You should check with some of the vette clubs in the Atlanta area for project cars. They usually know of someone who is in over their head and wants to sell quickly. Also check some of the vette resto shops. Good luck.


Hi Mike!

The price of a basket case is going to vary drastically depending upon the original build of the car. Was it a big block or LT-1? How much of the car is still there? Do you care about a straightened frame? Etc, etc.... You must also factor the cost of transporting the vehicle if it isn't local and isn't a rolling frame and you don't own a truck/trailer.

Do you have a preference for shark styles: chrome bumpers (68-72/73), fastbacks (78-82), molded spoilers (80-82). Any price guide will tell you that all sharks are going up in price, some faster than others. The chromes are flying up faster than you can blink and the 80-82 has become much more sought after in recent years. As for availability, the late 70's saw a huge number of Corvettes being produced which could play in your favor for availability and slower appreciation (only a theory).

As for the post-82 models, some of the early C4's can be had for just a few grand if in bad shape. These too, however, are beginning to experience a turn-around in price as they are beginning to become nostalgic to some.

I know I haven't answered your question but rather given you a few things to chew on. The cost of a basket case Vette is, quite literally, whatever someone wants to pay if the car happens to be just what they're looking for. They can be had for next to nothing but be careful. Look through some of the old posts or do a search for people looking for vettes in this forum, there are several things that you will need to be careful of with the sharks even if you're looking at a basket case.

When you have a better idea of what you want, we will do our best to steer you in the right direction. Best of luck and keep us posted.
This is a quest many are following. Searching for a project car can be a long frustrating experience. Take heart though as their are still good buys around but all to often folks have outrageous prices on absolute junk.

Picked up a 69 427 coupe this past weekend that is so original it is crying to be restored. Fairly priced & a very solid vette, so they are still out there. Good Luck!

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