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Getting Phat


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark

This is kind of a test along with the post. Just upgraded my online photo service. I am now hoping I can get pics up on the net for your viewing pleasure.

Just putting the finishing touches on my fender flares.

Now I have to find wheels and tires worthy of the new holes.
I can see what you do with all your spare time.. You have come a long way with your restoration .Thanks for all 56 pictures and ditto on LOOKIN GOOD. :cool
Chris, My hat's off to you! What a project. Good luck with the rest of it.


I am just now starting have a whole lot of fun with this thing. If you looked through all the photos, you can see that for a very long time I have only been working on individual parts.

For a while there it was getting pretty depressing. Now that it looks like a car, I have a fresh shot of inspiration. All of the ideas, sweat, planning, $$$, and effort is starting to pay off.

I REALLY enjoyed viewing your project, chew toys and all. Can't wait to see the finished results, should be a real beauty. Any thought on the color yet? I think you should maybe make a change from the pics of the way it used to look:eek

That is a deep subject. Way back when I first had it hauled to my house, I was thinking tripple black--black paint, black top, black interior.

Then, I switched to bright silver (97-01 Vette) with black top and black interior.

Then, I thought I might go back and paint it the original color (maroon).

Then I started thinking about red. I have heard the phrase that all Corvettes are red, any other color is a mistake.

Well, there are hundreds of shades of red.

Then, I saw a new Audi A4 in traffic. It had a brilliant shade of red called "laser". As of this time, I am shooting for that color. I do all my own paint and body work, so at least I only have to answer to myself on the final product.

Check with me next week. I will have come up with a different color by then.

In any event, I am going to have to make up my mind fast. It is getting close to time to paint the engine bay and jambs.
Super Project!

You are doing a superb job Chris! Pics are great!
Especially liked the King of the Hill shot. Passenger in center of car (#8) and #41.. Too Funny!!
:D That's inspiration!! In the drivers seat finally!!

How long to go?


What a Herculean effort you are doing. And I might add, doing it right too. But 56 pic's and not one of the engine? What will be residing under all that new glass and metal? Keep us posted when the powerplant arrives. Btw, Check the Members Rides area; I am partial to the American Racing Mags you've got on there for now.

Best of luck with the completion.

....... Nut
Great photo album Chris

What are you going to do for headlights? It looks like it should have the L88 lights that were originally available from Chevy. I think these are the ones that Guldstrand sells. They would be the bubble covers like the racers of the late 60s to early 70s used.


No pics of the engine yet as I had been on and off the fence for a while. Long story short, it had a nice four bolt 350 w/ bow tie heads when I bought it. It also came with the original numbers matching bare short block. I already had a sweeeeeeeet 355 roller sitting around with aluminum heads.

Changed my mind in favor of a 454 that I had done some trading for.

454 .060 over
Edelbrock alum heads 6045
Edelbrock Perf RPM Cam
TRW/speed pro pistons
Edelbrock Pro Flo fuel injection
Hooker side pipes
Etc. Etc.

Lights--going with the stock style and very close to an electric motor to operate them. I have to put the finishing touches on my idea and give it some R & D time. Looks good so far. However, Tom I agree the racing lights would go well with the overall theme. I am also working up an electric motor to pop the wiper door up and down.

I like the wheels I have, but they are way too narrow. Only 8" front and rear. Looks like I will be 17" plus diameter with 10" up front and 12" to 14" in the rear. That depends on how I can use those off set trailing arms to push the rim offset up close to the body. The larger diameter rim allows more width up front as it will clear the A-arms and steering components.

I will give the wheels away that are on it now when I am done with them if anybody wants them.

I am glad I can finally share these photos. I hope you all enjoy them.
Great pic's, You are very talented and patient. I wish I could do that :)
Fantastic effort Chris, cant wait to see the road test pics!
Lookin like an AC Cobra

Chris you are out of control.
This is going to be one nasty ride.
Love the flares, got to have some wild meats to fill them.
No idea if they would fit, probably would have to rework the suspension ( no problem for "VetteMan" ), but some 18 or 20" Torq Thrusts (maybe 18" in front and 20" in rear) would look great.....or you could go the other way with custom (cut and widen) 15" Crager SS of Torq Trust D's and some 60 series BF Goodrich DOT street slicks.
Third radical idea is to rework the rear suspension and put Mickey Thompson tires on so that from the rear you only see the pumpkin.

Ok I'll calm down now.

You are putting side pipes on, right?
Is the roll cage going to be a double loop over each seat ala Audi TT? Are you going to chrome it?

Can I drive it when you're done?? :)

I have really looked at the Torque thrust wheels. The only problem I have with this is the fact that in 2000 and 2001 I have been seeing them everywhere.

Don't see that many on Vettes.

There is a sweet 69 T-top on


He has a set of custom made Torque thrust style wheels on his car and the same type of fender flares. They look perfect.

I am shooting for a minimum of 17". Going 18 or 19 is not out of the question. It is a budget thing. However, wheels will be the last major purchase I make. So, it is going to look kind of stupid for a while rolling around on what you see in the pics.

I am so glad you picked up on the COBRA thing. That is the look I am after with a high tech twist.

As far as the roll bar, -- Yes, I am shooting for the Audi/Boxter style twin chrome plated hoops behind the seats.

I am having trouble getting it into the local race shop. I may find another one to do the work. My plan is to have the upper hoop removable so I can leave it off until the car is done, and to get it plated. Not looking for any kind of NHRA approval-just something more than stock.

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