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Goin' absolutely stereo insane! Please help.



I have a 94 coupe and cannot find mounting hardware for an aftermarket stereo anywhere!!!! And I mean ANYWHERE! I called Mikes, Ecklers, Central, Orange County, all the local private installers and Circuit City, Brandsmart, Best Buy, and no one makes one.

Most of the installers just plain out tell me " oh, we don't do corvettes". What's up with that??

Please, Please, Please, someone tell me that they've actually put an aftermarket stereo in their care and where I can get one. I'll take just about anything that will fit at this point.

I already have the system bypassed with PAC adapters into a Sony Expode Amp under the seat. I just need a stereo that will fit in the dash, single din or double din, I dont care just one that will fit. Ive already chewed off all my nails and ripped all my hair out and havent slept for days (alright, so I'm exagerating a bit).

Please help me.

Thanks as always,

Tom Longo
p.s. anyone that can help, I'll buy them a beer at the Ecklers reunion this weekend.

I can't help you on mounting hardward, but I have an idea.
Try calling a LOCAL car stereo dealer, have them install it, or if they will, give you the name of the individual whose actually putting them in. Chances are, they've been threw this many times, and have already fabricated something to fit.

Yeah, I've been trying that, nobody wants to mess with it that way. I guess they are afraid of messing it up. However, I did find ONE custom shop out of about 25 calls that would do it....for $150.00. It may be my only option while hoping they dont mess up the dash.

Still, I would really like to find and actual hardware kit designed for my car.

Hopefully someone will shed some light.

Thanks for the reply Craig.

Tom:eek :eek
Tom, I don't understand why you're having a problem with finding bracketry for an aftermarket system. I installed a Pioneer unit in mine and it simply used the original brackets. :confused
That's unusual Tom, I had a Alpine 12 disc changer put in the 'Vette a few years and they did a wonderful job with it. Maybe too many guys were messing up on them and caused the company some money in damages????
Hey Tom, I just finished doing the entire system in my '90. All professional car audio shops can get the accessories you need. (but most don't want to they are difficult) Face plates, wiring harnesses, etc. You can put in a single, 1-1/2, or double din.


'90 - '93 needed 2 resistors to prevent SYS, but yours should be OK. You also need a dremel and probably have to modify inner console and trim your face plate. But, it is all doable. It will just take a little patience and time. Just remember Corvettes are not acoustic studios, but anything is better than

B uy
O ther
S tereo
E quipment


Thanks everyone for the posts. Aparently, its the 91-96 model years that all the places are telling me there is no installation hardware. Those who used to make them dont anymore.

That's ok I guess, I'll just have that custom shop do it for 150.00 and get it over with.

Thanks all.

Hope to see some of you at Ecklers this weekend.

Tom Longo

I know how you feel, seems money always has to disappear from our pockets. :mad Sometimes we have to bite the bullitt, and let the professionals do what they do best.

Even though I've installed a number of after-market systems in other cars, when I removed the AM/FM in the Vette, you can't imagine the cluster%^#* of wires that were behind it!! :( .

I looked, studied and pondered, and thats when I realized how smart I actually am. :Silly

I drove it to the shop the next day. Money well spent :J
well Tom ol buddy...I found the stuff for you....go to parts express in the catalog you can get a whole new set of pieces to put almost any stereo in any year vette for 9.95, and they even have a new harness to match if you need it to interface with the ole GM one...Good Luck. If you want the part number let me know...take care.
Thanks everyone... problem solved. Went to Sound Advice and they said they do vettes all day long. They showed me a photo album of all their custom installs and trophy's from shows that they won. Only charged me 75.00 for the custom install and got a good price on a kenwood too.

Whew! now I can get some sleep tonight.

My freind does custom installs. He did a really nice job putting a Kenwwod in the 84 I had for a bit. I got the Kenwood that rolls it faces away when you turn it off so if just looked like a black filler panel when the radio was off.
I'd like to see a picture of how it came out in the 94. I'm considering putting that Kenwood in my 92. Got a digital camera so we can see the outcome?
Here is my 90, just to give you someideas.

Jeffvette, seeing as how you're from the great northwest -- land of the computer, I feel that it's my obligation here to remind you that 72dpi resolution is all that is required for internet viewing. It would take much less time for the thread here to open if your picture size was not so large.

Please reduce the size of your image. ;)

BTW, good shot of the radio install. :upthumbs


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