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got my 383 back from the engine builder

Carl a

Jan 15, 2006
romeoville illinois
1973 coupe/sebring silver /delux oxblood interior
---this is a photo of my new 383..it was built by bob of power built racing engines,,,bob used to build for nascar,,he also built engines for the late dale earnheart,,well after they got done and brought my car home i found out bob retired,,,my 383 was bobs last engine!!its a honor to have that man do my car before he retires..anyway the engine has 10 to 1 compression,,edelbrock alum heads 64 cc,,crane fiberball cam 488 lift 300 duration new roller tip rockers also crane hardened push rods..new edelbrock enduroshine intake new eagle stroker crank,,,kieth black hypertech pistons new oil pump and all high quality racing bearings,,the carb is a new holly 670 street advenger which was tweaked by lars of the corvette forums ''tuning for beer tour'' she pulled 431 hp on the dyno and 532 foot lbs of torque so its a little monster--carl
---------------------------------heres a shot from chevy vette fest in chicago i jet coated the chambered exhaust and the exhaust tips the spare tire tub ''y'' strap the cooling fan,,the underbody heat shields,,body mt # 3 acess cover and a lot of stuff---this april will be the 25th anneversy show so its supposed to be as large as the chicago auto show so if you guys want to see some nice cars(including mine) come to mccormic place in chicago on april 1st
WOW! That car is absolutely stunning. Great job. -John
thanks!! i started it on nov 25 of 1999 and we got to pulling the body off jan 2002 so its a new car..got 8500 miles on the clock now..i polish the undercarrage (frame rails tie rods ect ect) for the shows they will knock off a point for a water spot..i have gotten 995 994 990 989 979 won 1st place 6 times so far at chevy vette fest

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