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got new TRW coil springs


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Dec 27, 2000
Florence, SC (Timmonsville SC)
71 War Bonnet Yellow VERT 71 BH Blue CPE (SOLD)
Today I received new TRW pn CS5762 OEM replacement coil springs from The Paddock 1.800.428.4329 www.paddockparts.com . Already established as a muscle car supply house, apparently Paddock is relatively new to vettes and has a vette catalog. I sure can't complain about the cost at $55 per pair plus $12 shipping. Motor's out for O/H so now's time to do front end (got a deluxe poly kit from Van Steel @ $199 w/free shipping). I'll not know for a while if these springs are truly what I wish for...stock ride height for my 71 sbc driver w/AC w/AT w/PS. But CS5762 is what both TRW & MOOG catalogs call out. Here's TRW specs : Free Height=13.13", Bar Dia=0.656", Install Height=11", Rate=474 lb, Load=1062 lb. TRW & MOOG also recommend pn CS5762 for BIG BLOCKS. For Small blocks with NO AC, TRW & MOOG recommend pn CS5758 as OEM replacement; it's only stated differences are Free Height=12.94" & Load=936 lb. I'll be happy to find a bit stiffer ride but I do NOT wish to alter ride height beyond ±1/2". I guess I'll find out after the motor's done. Although, Paddock did not have the springs in stock when ordered; they delivered within 2 weeks. Also, Art at Van Steel 1.800.418.5397 www.vansteel.com was actually closed & headed out the door when I phoned an order...I offered to call next day but Art graciously declined. Van Steel's front end kit looks pretty good for the money and shipping was warp speed. Wish me luck on the ride height!

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