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grease on seat belts



I have nice 81 with silver interior, the guy who owned it before me got grease on the seat belts, any suggestions on what products will get it out?
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This may sound a bit strange, but, you might try some brake cleaner. It works wonders on stuff like this. Spray the grease area and use a cloth to soak the grease spot. Re-apply as needed. The brake cleaner evaporates fast but cleans grease really good, esp. if you use a good absorbent type rag with it.
Maybe if the brake cleaner won't work, they could be un-bolted and dry cleaned?
The only thing about brake cleaner is that it is terribly strong stuff. I don't know for sure, but it may ruin the color of your seat belts. It might also contribute to dry rot. Pay a visit to the junkyard first and pull a few seatbelts from there. Then you can experiment with different cleaners on those seatbelts that are already worthless.

Simple Green

Best degreaser on the market that is not solvent based. Approved for use by FAA for cleaning jet engines. Like 409 on steroids! Use sparingly as it is really concentrated. Brush into fabric and rinse with clean water. Easy! Will not harm color or fabric. The area cleaned will be clean....so, then you will need the rest of the belts.

good luck
Try Goo Be Gone.

This stuff is unreal, and will clean almost anything with no bad side effects.

Hey, where is that Oxyclean guy when you need him?

You have all seen the commercial....right?
Oxyiclean works!!!!! I swear it. Of course if you really want to go the carcinogenic route, you can always use some M.E.K. :D (just kidding) Oxyiclean!

.......... Nut
I have to agree with Simple Green. BTW, this stuff works very well for cleaning anything from greasy parts to oily garage floors to the black streaks on the side of your RV from the rubberized roof . . .

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