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GREAT Writeup TH350 to a 700R Transmission


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Oct 12, 2000
Amarillo, TX
1981 UL5
Scott81 is a major contributor to the L81VetteRegistry As Scott modifies his 1981 he keeps the Registry informed with pictures and details of every step in the process. I just read his article about converting his transmission to a 700R.. Great Piece ... thought I would share it with anyone that would be interested..
Tranny Change-out
Article written by: Scott81

Aw Geeze now I'm blushing...

Hey Bud,

Thanks! Actually I got it readjusted because I didn't like the neck snapping shift from 1-2. It's nice and smooth now but all shifting is right on with no slip. I also adjusted my throttle cable, for some reason I didn't have enough pedal, so today I moved it all the way back and now the pedal is all the way up off the floor. Took the beast out for a run on I-75 and it runs like a champ.

On May 29th I'll be spending the day at Van Steel, Art is going to put all new heavy-duty U-joint caps on my car and in return I'll be posting a page of all the goodies. Shhhh, don't tell my teacher but I'm skipping class all day for this. ;)

Now all I need is that nasty ZZ450 motor and I'd really be happy!
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Re: Aw Geeze now I'm blushing...

Scott81 said:
Now all I need is that nasty ZZ450 motor and I'd really be happy!

Scott, great minds think alike, eh? :J


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