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Ground Effects Update



Hi Gang! I thought I would do an update on a posting I did about ground effects. After learning about the Greenwood next generation ground effects, on this Forum, I looked at the design long and hard and thought the updated kit would look much better on '91 through '96. (I wished) So, I went with their standard series not wanting to update the bumpers or to create a highbred on my '90.


I am very excited about adding a high rise cowl hood and grills, that should vent the engine bay out and draw fresh air. Once you get a taste for modding, it never stops does it?

Hey Barbie,

What you've done so far looks fantastic. Don't know if I'd go to far though. Know what I mean? Some folks just keep adding on past the good taste phase. What wheels do you have on yours?
Hi Barbie!

Very nice to see you back here, I've missed reading your posts. Your ride looks fabulous with the effects and I especially like the pic in front of the water.
Silver /Heidi
Barbie, Glad you are back. Your vette looks great:upthumbs I love the wheels..........I also liked your "Corupted Forum":D..........................Steve
Hey Barbie! How ya been?

Your ride sure IS lookin' good. Do yourself a favor though, get some low shots from the three-quarter view. Man, that'd be sweet.

You do good work, not too overstated, not too simple. Congratulations. :upthumbs

"Once you get a taste for modding, it never stops does it?"
Now start again from the top. :L
Triple Black is LQQKING GQQD

Triple Black looks fast just sitting there :D I admire your patients and talent working on her/him. You've done a fantastic job. One small question??? How's your "Shark" doing? We haven't heard about your '79... I hope she/he is your next project :D

You did a great job on the interior... looks fantastic ;) oh yea and welcome back :J

Thanks everyone for the welcome back and the nice compliments.

94Bluvet, I definately don't want to make the car too ricey looking, just a little more custom. The wheels are American Racing, Torque Thrust II. Got the back ones right away, but had to wait 5 months for the front ones.

Hi Heidi, how are you and your hubby doing? Did the Silver Anniversary ever get repainted?

Hi Sleepyhead, it takes another triple black owner to understand the pains of trying to keep this car looking clean. But, well worth it don't you think?

Thanks Steve, I definately think I am going to drop that page though. What's in the past is in the past, and I would rather it stayed that way.

Ken, that's a good idea. But, I actually haven't had the car back long enough to take a whole bunch of pics. That will change.

Hi Jason, I see Eye Candy is looking sweet!

Hey ya Bud, thanks. My '79 has spent another year tucked in a nice dry barn. I can't stand the thought of taking it out and getting her dirty. (the real story is....my exhaust is illegal) It looks pretty though!

Here is a rough pic of the next project, and I hope it's not too big.


Welcome Back

Hi Barbie,

Welcome back. I have been wondering how the triple black '90 was coming along. I guess I didn't need to worry, it looks great! I love Torque Thrusts on just about everything and the IIs on your car are absolutely perfect. Makes all of that hard work worth the effort.

Also enjoyed your new web site. Nice art collection. You have a beautiful home. Did you notice that we now have a Corvette die cast and model forum?

I would have a hard time staying motivated with 4 feet of snow outside the door. I think I would go to bed and set the alarm for spring.

Boy do I feel that way too!

Thanks Tom. Let's face it, a gal has to keep busy some how. It's either playing with toys or go shopping. Hmmmmmmmm, shopping. I'll have to take a "hop" over to the die cast section, I have a few new ones.
Wait till you see the '90 in spring.

That car looks great. I like the combo of the high polished after market wheels, black paint, and ground effects package. It looks low wide and mean.
Thanks, that means alot coming from you guys, because we all share the same quirks that are unique to a '90. :D

And a special thanks to C4C5Specialist for all his advise! :beer

it's very nice!

:cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool

So your doing very nice, like the color. Is it custom?

The scoop you are planning, is it bold on, or are you making it smooth?

I'am planning a highrise hood too, I've bought a scoop for a '75 427 Cid. i will intergrate it into my origonal hood. It's not only for the looks, but I will also use it for heatextraction.

Good luck!

Greetings John,

There are a few high rise hoods available for C4's, but they basically give engine clearance and vent the engine. The package (I just received) has heat extractor vents and the cowl hood scoop is a bolt on design. I don't plan on having it molded smooth, but I am going to cut a hole at the base of the cowl so it draws fresh air from the windshield into the air breather. Hopefully this will be a cure for two problems on all C4's. And besides, I think it looks pretty darn good!


I would like to see how your project turns out too John. Good luck!


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