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GS 27 - it beats every Polish out there, even SemiChrome and Maas !



Its intended use is to remove light paint scratches. But i tried it on my valve covers, chrome engine parts, and stainless trim...and it shined them like crazy. It beats SemiChrome, Maas, and all the others hands down on these finishes. I simply could not believe my eyes. GS 27 is made in France. I dont know the US distributor, but Pep Boys sells it . It cleaned up my new Demon Carb to the point of shineyness from a dull finish.

My advice ? "GIT SOME" !

Sounds great...

...is it recommended for aluminum?

I used it on aluminum and it worked exceedingly well. I had a dull finish to my valve covers and it sparkled them. The Carb was dull even though it is brand new...it now looks like it was professionally polished . I tried it on my Wheel Trim Rings - same thing. I cant believe they dont talk up what it does to these metals. It simply astounded me .

I got a tube..


I just happened to be at Pep Boys Sunday and saw a tube so I got some :D

I'll give it a try before Rocky's Corvette Benefit Corvette Show in Auburn this coming weekend.

Rare 81,

Youll like it. For those of you who do not have a Pep Boys near you...email me and ill tell you how to get it over the web for 10% off . You can have it mailed right to your door.

My email is : Fast1970Vette@webtv.net

GS 27

Hi Rare81,

Thanks for the info. What was Pep Boys charging for a tube ??

Thanks, go16
Go 16,

It runs about $16 per tube. Theres a place you can order it over the web for $14...but im sure youll have to pay shipping and handling . They are on the East Coast.

Pep Boys $14.95

I used a little on the wheels, but they are so shiney already I didn't really notice much difference, BUT I used some on the top back below the rear window where it is sun faded really bad.. and it work really good :) The paint is pretty thin on ole Rare the laq. paint is showing more than it age..

I'll wait another year then have the ground up done on her. I've put it off the last two winters, but I see another cross country run coming next year :D

Tooke the day off because it was my birthday and used this gs-27 on my rims and man this stuff is great. It is better than anything I have used previously. It takes half the time to use this stuff than Mothers. It won't do crap for scratches but it is great has a polish. Wife thinks i'm nuts for taking the day of my birthday and working,playing with my car. It makes me happy:Twist Just my $.02 worth.


I used GS27 on my motorcycle (before I sold it much to the dismay of my sons) and it took decades of grime off in seconds. Haven't tried it on the Nutmeg yet.

Trent...... I haven't missed taking my birthday off since I was 16 years old (a LONG time ago). Tell Brooke to have some peanuts and a beer. :drink Guys ALWAYS gotta take their birthday off. It's expected. :D

...... Nut :cool

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