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Handbrake question.


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Jan 7, 2001
Poughkeepsie, NY
1970 Midnight Metalic Blue
I recently replace the plastic cover for the hand brake on my 70 corvette. I also purchased the thin plastic cover that goes over the handbrake handle and hides under the opening in the cover. Can anybody tell me how to get the black handle off the handbrake so that I can put this cover where it belongs. I can't find a key holding it on, but can't pull the handle off either. I figure it's gotta be something simple, just need to know what keeps it in place.
There's no need to remove the black handle. The "seal" (the thin plastic thing you described) must have a cut on one of the sides of the hole where the handle goes through, which makes the installation possible. Well, at least the one I removed and the new one I bought both had this cut, and after installation, the cut becomes almost invisible.

Hope this helps some...


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