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hard start with hot engine



When I start my 88 triple/ wht it starts quick and strong when the engine is cold. When the car has been running a while it takes 5 seconds or so to get it to crank over. I replaced the MAF relays that control burn and burn off but no change. The car runs perfect with a slightly ruff warm idle.

My next thought is to replace the fuel injectors mine are the newer type on late 88 models.

That is a bit spendy if there is another solution I appreciate your help. thanks
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doclarry said:
...it takes 5 seconds or so to get it to crank over.

Hi Doc, I assume you mean that it takes five seconds or so to "fire" after turning the key to "start", correct, and not five seconds before it starts to turn over? If that is the case, I wouldn't think it too unusual; the cause could be any number of things, but I doubt that it's your injectors.

Good luck, and don't worry, they'll be many more responses to your question. ;)
Hard start

Doc, I had the same problem with my 88. Turned out is was the IAC and TB just needed a good cleaning. You might try this first, before you invest in new injectors. My car now runs much smoother and idles better, and the hot starting problem has been solved.

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