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I'm hoping someone has the answer to another of my dilemmas...

I have the hardtop for my '71 convertible, but I don't use it. Since our garage is already overflowing, I need to find a safe place to store it that is out of the way (right now it's propped against a wall). I've ordered the canvas cover for it, and I've been looking for a hardtop lift that holds it up against the ceiling, but I'm worried about stressing it too much since it will be long-term storage.

So my question is, has anyone found the perfect solution already that they can share with me?

Barb :w
Barb, I don't have an answer for the question about stressing the roof from hanging it (I've seen those hoists too), but there is a dolly for storing your hardtop in a verticle position. I wasn't going to respond to this post initially, but I was just perusing the latest "Accessories" catalog from Corvette Central and came across the dolly again, so I thought I'd include it here (FWIT).
The dolly includes a storage cover and lists for $139.95.

I hope this helps in your search for an answer to your storage problem. Good Luck! ;)

What I'm interested in, but haven't seen for years, is the storage device for my "targa" style top. There was one advertised in a show flyer I once had, but as I said, I haven't seen it anywhere since.

It was a bracket of sorts that bolted to the wall of your garage. You'd set your top in the bracket and tighten some adjustable knobs if I remember correctly.

If anybody reading this post knows of the device and where it can be found, please post it here or "PM" me.

Thanks, Ken
Thanks for the dolly idea, I've seen that too and think it's great for someone who has extra room in their garage. Unfortunately, that's not us :( .

We've also kicked around the idea of making our own wooden "shelf" that it would set on, that we can lift to the ceiling with a hoist.

Thanks for the idea though.
Barb :w

We have the same problem with 5 vettes and a truck in the garage there isn't room to store the hardtops, as we never use the hardtops. In fact once the cars came home the hardtops haven't been on since. We have the canvas covers and the ceiling hoists. Our tops have been hung for several years and as far as we can tell there has not been any stress damage. :) I don't know if this helps you or not. :w
82 Collector ~ Rendezvous

Her 92,

Are you going to Bowling Green for Rendezvous, June 28 ~ July 1st ?

The 1982 CE is the Feature for the 20 year Birthday Party...

I wish!! I'm going for Labor Day, though! I've only missed 1 Labor Day since the NCM's Grand Opening! The C5 Fighter Squad does a lot of their volunteer work on Labor Day weekend, so I'm committed to help then. :) Also I'm already taking off of work for a week in June to go to Cheerleading Camp with my youngest daughter, so I have to get my priorities in order. ;) ;) Ya'll have fun for me, at the Rendezvous! If, I lived a few hundred miles closer to Bowling Green I'd be there more often! :s 870 miles each way is just a little to much to go more than twice a year. I was there in February for a meeting and had a GREAT time! :upthumbs I highly recommend the trip to anyone who hasn't been yet! Also to everyone who has, go again! :Twist The exhibits do change! If your club is going up for the weekend let the NCM know they'll arrange a tour and help you plan your weekend if you want. :s

Her 92, yes, that information is very helpful!

Do you happen to remember which brand of ceiling hoist you have? I've only found one for my year ('71) but I'd like to see if there are others to compare against.

Barb :w
There is the hoist option. Also, there are hard top carriers which hold your top so that you can wheel it around. I think Ecklers and Corvette Central both sell em.

They do have the wheeled carriers, but I don't have room for them. ;) We have 5 vettes and a 62 Chevy truck in the garage. My Suburban and Hubby's F*** daily driver truck are under a carport. :grinshot We're probably going to purchase the 15 year old a driver in the next year and it will have to go under the carport also. If the 18 year old moves back in I don't know where we'll park her Dodge truck! :bang It's lucky that we have almost 4 acres of land. But even some of that is covered with a pool and a pond. :s

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