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Hatch 2 Convertible



:confused: Is it POSSIBLE to make a hatchback corvette (1985) into a convertible.....?:confused:
please dont laugh at me........lol
JoKeR Welcome to The Corvette Action Center

Anything is possible with $$$$$. I've seen some very nice 1980's and '81s made into converts. Just need to find a good Corvette shop that has done one before and can show pictures of the steps and the product when done. One of our Supporting Vendors may have done it before. Check out SS Auto Sport website in the Supporting Vendors section.

Then spend a few minutes and venture into the rest of The Corvette Action Center. We have Specs, shops, articles and all kinds of Corvette Information. Most of all enjoy the company here and in the Solid Axle Lounge
OR............to get that Conv't feel, you could remove the screws holding the glass in place and take the back window out all together. & it's free:)


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