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Have I Lost My Mind?



OK, going though all the brake work that I have recently posted, I got to thinking (never a good thing with me). If I am going to tear all that apart, why not go ahead and replace the T-Arms now. Started checking around and found that I could get two new aftermarked trailing arms, with bearings and new half shafts for $1500.

So, I figure roughly $700 install, I'm looking at $2100 for the T-Arms (unless I do it myself), $1200 for brakes and another $1200 install. So I could have a completely new setup, sans diff, for under $5000.

Too much?
Jun 5, 2001
Northern Virginia
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I say if you can afford it and you think it needs replacing, you may as well while you're under there. A brake overhaul is a lot simpler than t-arms though:eyerole. The same sorta thought crossed my mind when I did my brakes a couple months back - I really need new bushings back there - but I wanted to get it back on the road and then there's always $$$$$.

- Eric:w


I say do it yourself and save a truck load of $$$. I had never done the job myself but said what the heck and started taking the whole rear suspension apart, saved tons of money and did a rather nice job. Some of the things I didn't even attempt like rebuilt the diff, new gears and trailing arm setup (bearings).

Here's a little help to get your motivated. Rear Suspension Not sure what the going price for trailing arms are but call Art at Van Steel , he treated me very well. He can also powdercoat your t-arms while he has them, had mine done and they look great!

Also, why do you need new half shafts? If they are not damaged just take them to a good driveshaft shop and have them checked for balance, and new u-joints, and maybe a good paint job.


Van Steel rebuilt my spindle assembly. I was out around $240 for each side, including shipping. Off-set trailing arms were around $300. If I were to replace my half-shafts, which I'm not considering, I'd go with Denny's Driveshafts. I did all the work myself, so the extra cost of labor was never a concern.

For that type of money that you might spend with labor, I'd seriously consider either switching to a suspension from a C4 with differential. What about a 5-link from Guldstrand? That's a lot of money, so you might as well upgrade to better components. It's something to think about at least.



I pretty much replaced everything BUT the diff on the 74, figure somewhere near $5K? No labor, nothing I couldnt do myself really.

You would know that when I finally got it together again the pinion bearing is singing to me, so let that be a lesson, don't half-do, go ahead and fix it all.. You'll both be happier in the long run..

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