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Headers for my '62?


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Mar 26, 2001
Lake Hopatcong, NJ
1962 CORVETTE-SOLD 2004 Z16 Z06 CE
Ceramic Or Powder Coated Headers?

What's the difference between the two? Which is better for a keeper car and why? What's the price difference and who does it? I've just started looking in to it as one of my winter upgrades and I'm getting mixed opinions. I'm leaning towards ceramic but would very much appreciate hearing from some of you that have used one or the other for a few seasons or have a decent amount of time on them. Which one will hold up better and why? I'm currently running the 2 1/2 inch stock exhaust ram with 2 1/2 inch all the way through. I have the sound I want and the intake combination, now I need to get the air out as well as it comes in. BTW, I'm not talking side pipes.
Hi Rowdy,
You definitely want ceramic coated headers. Last set I had done have 2 years/10,ooo mi. on them and still look fresh. The quality of of the finish on new headers is questionable. Buy painted headers, test fit them, make any mods needed, then have them coated. The silver coating looks like polished aluminum, not chrome. You won't be disappointed.



I concur with Mike. I have Black Jack Ceramic coated headers on the '81 you saw at Carlisle. They have over 50K miles on them and not so much as a single area showing heat burns. No cracking and not a peep of a leak anywhere. Heat disipation is much better with ceramic coating. If I have to work under the hood after she's been out for a while, they cool down very quickly.

Have a good Holiday....... Nut
me too

I agree with the rest that ceramic is the way to go. It stays looking good and new. Regular headers rust up and look terrible in a short time. Ceramic is a bit pricey to start with but if you want a good clean looking engine they are worth it.
Jet Hot 1 800-432-3379!! they have black and silver money WELL SPENT! enjoy/rumble/rumble

I was on the phone with them for a while the ohter day. Todd at Jet-Hot is SUPER nice guy and VERY helpful. They're running a special that can't be beat. $400 for brand new coated inside & out Hedman Headers. The only problem, for 62 the only tuned header is where one tube is a slip joint and goes around the frame and back under instead of being inside the frame rails. I not only don't like the looks of that style, I'd have to put my battery in the trunk and get a new starter so I don't know. I just ordered the needle bearing king pin setup to do when i do the front disc brake conversion this winter, I'll probably hold off on the headers for now.:hb
Re: Thanks

Rowdy1 said:
I not only don't like the looks of that style, I'd have to put my battery in the trunk and get a new starter so I don't know.

Held off long enough Lou, it's a year later... :D

I found this when I did a search first, before I was going to post a question for you, asking if anyone had suggestions for a header application for your '62. We know you're going to get them coated for sure, but maybe this will stir some response to the header issue itself again and we'll come up with a solution for your dilemma. :upthumbs

_ken :w

The problem I have come across is that nobody makes a tuned header to fit the spark plug angle on Trick Flow heads.:(
Rowdy, If you are having that much trouble with your 62 maybe you should trade me for my 82. If you twisted my arm I might even swap you straight across. (yea, in my dreams).:duh
Nice Try

I'm impressed though, I WILL give you an "A" for effort.;)

I had Doug's on my '59 in '71. They fit well and inside the frame but the collector was too low to connect to the Corvette exhaust system. By all means get painted or raw, fit them to the car. and then send them out to be coated.

I have a set of long tube headers on my 57, (unknown mfg).
I also have angle plug heads.

The combination makes it a ^%$^%*^%^$%$@!!! to change the plugs.

The collectors do hang down a little too low. That makes for pretty effects at night on some bumps.

Headers also make a difference in the sound.

I plan to take them off and do something different in the next few months.

What Heads?

Are they GM heads? Trick Flow has a different angle on their plug than Gm or anyone else for that matter.:(
Yes, they are GM heads.

I already have a set of aluminum heads I plan to put on another engine I am building.


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