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headers from tpis, who knows them?



Because of the long waiting time Lingenfelter has with there headers, I'am thinking to buy TPIS headers. these come with the y-pipe too. They cost around $600. Is there somebody who has any experience with them?


They are very nice. I met a fellow at the speedway with a set on his 1987. They seemed to be well built and had a good thick mounting flange to help prevent gasket blow outs from warpage.

I highy suggest getting some of the stage 8 locking header bolts to keep them from backing off.
I have bought them

:t :t :t :t :t

I phoned with Jim of tpis. I have ordered the headers thru my dealer in the Netherlands. They cost $750 and they have to make a set without the egr connections. Take a 2 till 4 weeks to make them. And another 2 weeks to coated them.

Thanks for the advise
Sounds great Johnny, would love to see some pics of them when you get them.....



I will!

A good friend has tuned his zr1 at Geoff Jeal. He just have it back. With 550 hp at the flywheel. Awsome!!!

I just finished wiping the drool from my face. That is one mean looking LT-5. Do you have any other pics of it (or the car?) Also, did he get the siamese intake through Jeal also?
Thanks Johnny,


what's a siames twin intake?? I do know he has a aluminum flywheel!!! and a hot exhaust, like mine but the other kind (I forgot the name) he has lowered the car also. It has a compressionratio of 1:12,5 .

He has his own webpage, I see if I can sent the link to you.
Re: jay

johnny said:
what's a siames twin intake??

Well Jay??? :L

Johnny, "siamesed" intake manifolds have the two adjoining runners formed as one. ;)

The name comes from the referrence to "Siamese Twins" where two human beings are joined at some part of their anatomy.
Siamese Twins, name popularly applied to twins physically united in a manner not incompatible with life or activity. The name is derived from famous twins born in Siam (now Thailand), who were joined at the sternum by a thick, muscular ligament. Surgical separation is often possible.

The Encarta® Desk Encyclopedia Copyright © & ? 1998 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


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