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headers tpi 1 3/4 help me !!!! I have the last 2 rightsides who has the left!!



I have bought the last Lingenfelter TPI headers in 1 3/4 ", but they sent me the two right sides! And it was the last pair.

But Who has the other missing left side?????


I live in the Netherlands, please contact Lingenfelter and ask for Tim Dyer :mad :mad
Can't help ya Johnny. Sounds (pardon the pun) like you're in for a lot of run-around. :(
Very strange. Unfortunately I can't help you out. Very sharp looking Vette though......

Thanks to you all for the help. I was at my dealer today and I had a look at my headers again. I have twice the left side! So I am looking for the right side!

So everybody.....open up those boxes and look at your deleverys!!!

johnny :beer
Hey Johnny,
Is it possible to send the headers back and place a new order with Rippie or TPIS? I know these companies have real nice headers also........

Thanks Jay,

I like your vette too. But I want the Lingenfelter headers, and I had contact with Lingenfelter, they will produce new ones for me. The wrong set stays at the dealer.

The new RVS headers (thats the reason they don't have them anymore) will produced in about 8 weeks.

I like the headers from Lingenfelter very much, they come "complete" with the Y-pipe.

Hey, that's good news. Along with performance, you'll love the sound of your car with headers.

I also have the 2,5" B&B tri-flow and Edelbrock heads. This combined with the Lingenfelter SuperRam.



What do you think of my 18" wheels the rears are 13" wide!


Did you have the message?? I sent you 2 e-mails and photo links.


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