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Warning! Headlights Other Problem.


Apr 15, 2008
Altoona, PA
1993 Polo Green Coupe

I wish to thank all the posters of this forum for all your help. I get a lot from this site and thought I would post an issue I found with my my 1993.

Fisrt I purchased the "Nylon Cylinders" to correct the LAZY HEADLIGHT on my passenger side.

After following instructions and help from Corvette Action Center folks I installed the unit.

Darn if it didn't just sit there and spin... by the way the original cylinders looked in new condition.

Tonight I tore everything out and tried to see where I went wrong.

What I found is in the following photos. The steel shaft which goes through the gear is ribbed which keeps it from spinning inside the gear assembly. Well that part is either alum. or white metal????

The inside was stripped out and after installing the motor just spins after installing.

Just a warning that if the $5 fix does not work check to see if this shaft is spinning and stripped out. Hope this post helps anyone with frustrating headlight issues. And excuse me if smoeone already posted on this subject.

Tahnx All!

Model #


I have seen this plastic shaft piece stripped several times after improper installation on other's cars. Sorry to hear you had so much trouble.

Best of luck to you.

The Shaft

The shaft is steel the round part inside the gear is made of white metal(I think correct me if I'm wrong).... A shame GMC used this junk in the light motors.

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