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Headlights Picture for 77 (or so) Corvette


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Jul 17, 2007
1987 Champagne Color Coupe
Hello all,

This is probably an odd request but an easy one for fellow owners. I was wondering if someone could be so kind as to take a still shot of your similar year corvette with the headlights turned up (preferably the lights off). I'm working on a Chevy commercial and I'm animating the headlights for this image attached here.

If you don't mind helping, the color is of no concern but the MOST important thing is that you snap a photo at the same angle as the photo I've attached. So, I've included this photo for that purpose to get the angle and up/down angle close. All I really need though are the headlights.

A still photo is fine but if you are really motivated, a tripod shot (video) of them actually turning up would be fantastic! :)

Any average resolution is fine, higher is better but beggers can't be choosy. You can put it here or email it to me direct (kirkproductions@gmail.com).

I would really appreciate the help and will gladly provide a thanks in the commercial.


Vette Still.jpg

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