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Dec 11, 2001
Suffolk, VA
Red 96 LT4 coupe
I have headlights that are very moody on my 96. The left one will work most of the time, the right one never works. When I spit the lines and run both off the left wires, they open half way. Currently I have both sides cut and am operating them manually. Do I need new motors? Are the gears inside just wore out? It is a solenoid or switch of some sort I need to replace? I'm at a loss, and I have shady dealership here, they did 5 minutes worth of work after leaving it there an entire day, and charged me 80 bucks with no results.
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The newer Vette headlight motor module is a current sensitive device. When the motor stalls the power is shut off. Based on your description you have a funky left motor. BAD MOVE though trying to drive from 1 side.

SO are you going to take em apart or have em rebuilt?

The motors are pretty good.
The failure mode ( mechanically) is inside there is a gear with 3 nylon round bits to lock the gear & the drive shaft so when the headlight parks.. it's not such a mechanical shock.. the problem is the nylon bumpers tend to turn to powder so they slip like a bandit.

You can tell they are failing by doing the following.

Lift the hood watch the motor shaft at the rear of the motor ( the manual knob to raise & lower by hand) when the headlamp swings into position & stops... so should the shaft. When the nylon bumpers go out the shaft still turns (slower..but still turns).

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